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APC Trade-UPS is a 1-phase UPS program that offers new and existing customers the ability to trade in older battery backup units for the most up-to-date 1-phase power protection models at discounted prices.

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APC NetShelter CX, Mini, Soundproof Server Rack Enclosure, 100V to 240V, Dark Grey, 744H x 688W x 952D mm

APC NetShelter CX, Mini, Soundproof Server Rack Enclosure, 100V to 240V, Dark Grey, 744H x 688W x 952D mm


APC NetShelter CX, Mini, Soundproof Server Rack Enclosure, 100V to 240V, Dark Grey, 744H x 688W x 952D mm

Netshelter CX Mini is specifically designed to house a complete small-office IT installation comprised of one or two servers, network hardware and peripheral devices. It combines extreme noise reduction and moderate thermal capacity with exceptional reliability and an all-inclusive, plug-and-play specification. Designed to accept tower form factor servers, the CX Mini can also be converted to accept rack form factor servers using a 12U rack mount conversion kit (AR4000MV12U). The resulting EIA rack is 600 mm/23.6" deep. NAM power cords sold separately, part number AR4605.

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Includes: Brush strips,Door,Fans,Key(s),Lockable door,Office-type casters,Power strip with (3) IEC receptacles,Removeable lockable rear panel,Soundproofing,Unpacking sheet


APC NetShelter CX, Mini, Soundproof Server Rack Enclosure, 100V to 240V, Dark Grey, 744H x 688W x 952D mm

  • Dedicated rear cable channel
    The cable port has a capacity of up to 30 cables and is situated perfectly for ground or under-floor cabling.
  • Integrated heat removal
    High efficiency fan modules remove heat and eliminate the need to purchase a costly cooling unit for your IT equipment.
  • Integrated power strip
    Provided with a power strip which has 3 available IEC receptacles, 3 NEMA equipment power cords, 1 NEMA input cord and 1 Schuko input cord
  • Removable lockable rear panel
    Provides customers with easy accessibility to equipment and allows equipment to be installed without powering off.

NetShelter CX Enclosures Features & Benefits

  • Acoustic foam lining for noise dampening
    Superior noise reduction of installed IT equipment allowing the enclosure to be placed in a quiet environment.
  • Light oak veneer finish
    The enclosure blends discretely into almost any office environment.
  • Lockable front doors
    Protect IT equipment from unwanted access
  • Plug and Play setup
    Fast and Easy set up
  • Special packaging options for shipping rack with equipment pre-racked
    Enclosures with shock packaging are standard enclosures with provisions in the packaging design and enclosure assembly for shipping the enclosures with equipment mounted inside. Extensive industry experience with the leading IT manufacturers and most recently certified with Cisco® for pre-racking and shipping Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS). Check for enclosure size options and availability.
  • Toolless Rack Mounting Capabilities
    Server cases do not require additional tools to mount into NetShelter Enclosures, which allows the users to quickly and easily mount units in the rear of the enclosure.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

United Arab Emirates , Albania , Armenia , Angola , Austria , Australia , Azerbaijan , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Belgium , Burkina Faso , Bulgaria , Bahrain , Burundi , Benin , Botswana , Belarus , Canada , The Democratic Republic Of Congo , Switzerland , Côte d'Ivoire , Chile , Cameroon , China , Serbia and Montenegro , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Germany , Djibouti , Denmark , Algeria , Estonia , Egypt , Eritrea , Spain , Ethiopia , Finland , France , Gabon , United Kingdom , Georgia , French Guiana , Ghana , Gambia , Guadeloupe , Greece , Hong Kong , Croatia , Hungary , Indonesia , Ireland , Israel , India , Iraq , Iceland , Italy , Jordan , Kenya , South Korea , Kuwait , Kazakhstan , Lebanon , Liberia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Latvia , Morocco , Madagascar , Macedonia , Mali , Mongolia , Martinique , Mauritania , Malta , Mauritius , Malawi , Malaysia , Mozambique , Namibia , Nigeria , Netherlands , Norway , New Zealand , Oman , Philippines , Pakistan , Poland , Portugal , Reunion , Romania , Rwanda , Saudi Arabia , Sweden , Singapore , Slovenia , Sierra Leone , Senegal , Somalia , Suriname , Turks And Caicos Islands , Togo , Thailand , Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , Turkey , Tanzania , Ukraine , Uganda , United States , Uzbekistan , Vietnam , Yemen , Mayotte , South Africa , Zambia , Zimbabwe

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  • Nominal Input Voltage
    115V , 120V , 200V , 208V , 220V , 230V , 240V
  • Input frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Input Connections
    IEC 60320 C14, NEMA 5-15P
  • Cord Length
    4ft ( 1.2meters )
  • Number of Power Cords
  • Input Power
    10 Watts


  • Maximum Height
    28.35inches ( 720MM , 72.0CM )
  • Maximum Width
    27.17inches ( 690MM , 69.0CM )
  • Maximum Depth
    36.61inches ( 930MM , 93.0CM )
  • Net Weight
    165.35lbs. ( 75.0KG )
  • Shipping weight
    176.37lbs. ( 80.0KG )
  • Shipping Height
    29.53inches ( 750MM , 75.0CM )
  • Shipping Width
    38.58inches ( 980MM , 98.0CM )
  • Shipping Depth
    29.13inches ( 740MM , 74.0CM )
  • Color
  • Maximum Mounting Depth
    27.56inches ( 700.0MM , 70.0CM )


  • Approvals
    TAA compliance
  • Standard warranty
    2 year (manufacturer's defect)

Sustainable Offer Status

  • RoHS
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NetShelter CX, solving problems for the Healthcare vertical



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Made for commercial environments, like offices, retail, education, or healthcare facilities, our C-Series includes the same capabilities as C-Series with additional features such as fan ventilation, air filtration, and soundproofing.
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