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APC by Schneider Electric Recycling and Take-Back Programs

Discarded electronic equipment is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the industrialized world, due to the growing use of these products. Effective collection, reuse and recycling systems ensure that this discarded equipment does not overwhelm our landfills and other waste management systems. You can help reduce electronic wastes and protect the environment by making responsible decisions when your electronic products reach their end-of-life. To help, APC by Schneider Electric offers environmentally sound product take back and recycling programs to our consumer and business customers in many countries around the world.

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Do you have a dead battery or an aging UPS, you now have options!! Upgrade recharge, or recycle that old UPS instead of throwing it away

As the manufacturer of the APC and MGE brands UPSs, Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Services has long been committed to minimizing the global impact of our products. From eco-friendly designs to end-of-ups-life options, we are continually striving to find new ways to reduce the environmental impacts of our products.
Below you will find options to upgrade to a new UPS, recharge your existing UPS, or recycle using “green” alternatives to dispose of your old UPS. Additionally, you can view the details of our Sustainability Program.

For information on how to create your prepaid return label for spent UPS batteries, click here. (United States and Canada only) 

Option 1: Trade UPS

Customers can trade in their old UPS(s) - regardless of brand or whether it even works-for new UPS(s), with a full 2 year warranty and up to a 25% discount off the purchase of a new APC UPS. Receive even greater savings (up to 40%) on APC accessories with your UPS purchase.  

Trade up your UPS now

Note: Trade UPS is only available for single phase UPS. 3-phase users contact your local APC rep or call
1-800-800-4APC for more information (only valid in continental U.S, excluding Alaska/Hawaii)

Option 2: APC Factory Outlet Store

Looking to buy UPS at a discounted price? Visit the APC Factory Outlet Store for huge savings on many APC factory direct clearance items and new units returned by customers. 
Alternatively, you can also visit the APC Certified Pre-Owned partner to purchase refurbished APC products.

Option 3: Replacement Battery Cartridges (RBC)

If it has been 3 years, your old UPS may need a recharge. Trade in and/or replace those old UPS batteries with genuine APC replacement Battery Cartridges (RBCs) and get free return shipping, not to mention an eco-friendly disposal.  

> Go to the UPS and RBC Selector!

An alternative way to dispose your dead batteries is to drop off the battery at any of the Call2Recycle drop off locations.