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    Protect your IT Investments

    Protect your investments – see available options for a replacement battery or new UPS

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Maximize Your Investment, Maximize Your Uptime

Like the batteries that power your car, high-quality, purpose-built uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) power today’s mission-critical infrastructures. But life expectancy can vary greatly, depending on factors such as whether or not you proactively perform routine maintenance. Our UPS LifeCycle recommendations can help maximize your UPS investments and ensure business-critical applications are always ON.

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  • If your UPS is less than 3 years old

    Extended Warranty

    Why invest in an APC extended warranty?

    With the purchase of an APC extended warranty, you will enjoy a seamless 1-3 year extension of the standard factory warranty, depending on the service pack purchased. The extended warranty provides repair or replacement of your APC UPS, as well as your battery. If your UPS is less than 3 years old, an extended warranty offers considerable benefits, including:

    • Free shipping on replacement parts
    • Free RBC replacement of non-functioning batteries
    • 24/7 technical support to answer your questions, and give you peace of mind.
    • 1 and 3 year UPS warranty options

    Help me choose - Service Selector Extended warranty brochure
  • If your UPS is 3-5 years old

    Replacement Battery

    If your UPS is 3-5 years old, an APC replacement battery cartridge (RBC) is likely the best option for you. An RBC would provide you with:

    • Complete assembly for easy hot-swap installation
    • Prepaid postage to a nearby recycling partner for battery disposal
    • Reusable packaging with clear disposal instructions

    Help me choose – Replacement Battery Selector Recycling options

Upgrade your UPS

If your UPS is 5+ years old, consider a New UPS with:

  • Updated Features: Most new units are Energy Star rated and have “Green Mode” for maximum efficiency
  • Discounted Pricing: For trading in your old UPS with our Trade-UPS program!

Upgrade & Save - Trade-UPS Portal

Help me choose – UPS Selector

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It’s important to register products so that we can ensure you get the best support available for all your APC solutions. Just locate the model number and fill out the registration form, and search our archive of tech specs, manuals, FAQs and documentation, as well as product forum discussions.

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