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How do I retrieve Smart-UPS logs from my Network Management Card?


How do I retrieve Smart-UPS logs from my Network Management Card?

Product Line:



All Smart-UPS models, All Serial Numbers
All Network Management Cards, 6.X FW or later


The Network Management Card records event and data logs as well as internal debug and configuration files which may be requested by Tech Support to aid in troubleshooting


Downloading logs from your network management card takes just a few easy steps:
  1. From the web interface of the Network management card, go to the "About" menu and choose "Support"
  2. Click "Generate Logs"
  3. When generation is complete, click "Download"
The downloaded file will be a .tar file named "debug_<your_serial_number>.tar"
This file can be reviewed to determine the recent UPS activity as well as data such as voltage, frequency, and temperature.

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