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How to File an Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) Claim


How to File an Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) Claim

Product Line:

Smart-UPS, Back-UPS, Surge


All models that include an EPP policy, All Serial Numbers
See your system's product detail page or user manual for details.


If your electronic equipment is damaged by power line transients on an AC power line (120 volt) while directly and properly connected to a standard APC 120 volt product covered by the Equipment Protection Policy (EPP), you can file a claim with APC for compensation of your damages. Coverage of damages is determined by the limits of the EPP.

Steps to follow to submit an EPP Claim:
  1. You must contact APC Customer Support within 10 days of the event.
    • Items required for completing your claim submission:
    • Obtain model and serial number(s) of the APC unit(s) involved in the incident.
    • Provide a valid shipping address where you can receive a UPS (United Parcel Service) shipment.
    • If necessary, provide a mailing address for the claim questionnaire to be sent to (if different from the shipping address given above)
    • Provide a daytime phone number.
    • Obtain Technical Support from an APC representative to evaluate the product and equipment damage.
    • All damaged equipment must be saved. The claims department may ask to have the damaged equipment, which was plugged into the APC product, sent to APC for evaluation. If APC requests your damaged equipment, the Claims department will send a prepaid shipping tag to accommodate the cost of shipping the equipment to APC.
    • If you find that you must do a manufacturer's exchange, then the manufacturer, model, and serial number(s) of the equipment, or individual components, must be documented and available to APC.
  2. The APC technical service representative you speak with will identify and troubleshoot the APC product, gather information about the circumstances of your incident, gather information about the configuration of your equipment, and gather information about the damages to your equipment.
  3. The technical service representative will then file an EPP claim, and will prepare a return of the APC product to APC for inspection. You will be provided with a replacement product for your suspect APC unit, which will be sent to you first, before you need to return the suspect unit.
    Note: Whether or not you choose to file a claim with APC, the technical service representative is obligated to tell you if it is unlikely that your claim will be approved at the end of the claims process.
  4. You will receive a claim questionnaire via email. Please complete and return this questionnaire to APC (either by email, fax or mail). All instructions for returning the APC product and claim questionnaire are provided with the claim questionnaire. Typically, the replacement APC product will arrive before the claim questionnaire.
For details on APC’s claim coverage please see the Equipment Protection Policy for details.


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