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PowerView not recognizing three phase input data on Symmetra Power Array (3:1)


Information about the 3 input phases does not appear on the PowerView display.

Product Line

Single Phase Symmetra


SYMSTRF3I with PowerView firmware below revision N.


The firmware on the PowerView must be at revision N or later for this information to be displayed.  To check your firmware:

To check the firmware revision of the PowerView follow these steps:

1. Press any key to go to Menu screen

2. Scroll to Display menu and press enter

3. Scroll down to Information and press enter

4. Firmware is indicated in bottom right corner as FW=N4a (example only)


If PowerView part no. AP9215 is in use, the firmware cannot be upgraded.  If PowerView part no. AP215RM is in use, the firmware can be upgraded by downloading the latest firmware file and following knowledge base article FA156046.

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