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88 volts from the North American Symmetra Power Array output block

88 volts is measured between a conductor and ground/neutral from the North American Symmetra Power Array output block

Product Line
Symmetra Power Array

North American models only (SYMSTRF or SYMINIF)

The design of the isolation transformer in the North American Symmetra Power Array allows multiple output voltages to be derived. The output terminal block provides two 120 volt legs and one 88 volt leg. Once the needed output voltage is determined it is imperative to validate the appropriate legs to take to the panel to generate the needed output voltage. The 88 Volt leg is used with the 120 volt leg to derive 208 volts as needed for 208 volt loads.

The taps on the block are listed below :

  • Tap 2 generates 120 Volts
  • Tap 4 generates 88 volts
  • Tap 6 generates 120 Volts

For more information, please reference page 4-4 of the Symmetra Power Array user manual.

No resolution is necessary.  This is normal operation.

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