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How do I recycle my UPS or UPS battery?

How do I recycle my UPS or UPS battery?

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Smart-UPS, Back-UPS

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APC UPS products contain battery modules that must be periodically replaced as well as Electronic components that may be recyclable.

Options for recycling in your region/country can be found on your local APC site's Sustainability page, found in the lower left of the APC home page under Sustainability.  The webpage may only mention battery recycling but the options are applicable for UPS products as well.

Recycling Options vary per country:
US - https://www.apc.com/us/en/who-we-are/sustainability/recycling-options.jsp
UK - https://www.apc.com/uk/en/who-we-are/sustainability/
JP - https://www.apc.com/jp/ja/who-we-are/sustainability/recycling-options.jsp
DE - https://www.apc.com/de/de/who-we-are/sustainability/recycling-options.jsp
ES - https://www.apc.com/es/es/who-we-are/sustainability/recycling-options.jsp

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