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What is sine wave?
Alternating current (AC) flows through our utility lines. AC comes in different forms, but the most common form is sine wave. Voltage moves in a smooth up-and-down pattern, and our home electronics are designed for this form of power.

Sine wave UPS for gaming

Longer equipment lifespan

When your equipment is powered with sine wave and automatic voltage regulation (AVR), it maximizes the life span of all connected electronics.

Stable backup power

Sine wave powers your sensitive high-end electronics with stable sine wave power to avoid dirty power, gaming monitor instability, computer crashes, and sound interference.

Efficient and cooled

Gaming rigs powered by sine wave will run cooler and more efficiently on backup power to avoid overheating damage to your equipment.

Stepped-approximated vs. sine wave

Stepped-approximated power moves in an up-down square motion. The flat high and lows are milliseconds of power gaps (e.g., zero voltage) that could lead to an unexpected shutdown.
In contrast, sine wave has a steady wave of high-to-low voltage, mimicking utility power so your high-end electronics are constantly being powered without gaps.
Myth vs. fact on sine wave
Stepped-approximated” is a form of sine wave. This technology has been referred to as stepped sine wave, squared wave, rectangular wave, and simulated sine wave, but don’t be confused: they’re all the same. Don’t buy into the noise of “true” sine wave, “elevated” sine wave, “gaming” sine wave — this the sine wave gamers need.
Get the backup you need.
Powerful 900W/1500 VA UPS protects your vital gear. Includes ten surge-protected outlets — six with battery backup to keep you connected. Three USB ports allow you to easily charge devices.
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