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Stay online with a UPS for gaming.

Power your router

Remember to plug your router into the gaming UPS — if not, you'll still lose internet connection in a power outage.

Router or modem

There are modem/routers, then there is a modem and router. If they’re separate, make sure you have backup power for both.

Check your internet

If you have questions about your internet setup, reach out to your provider to determine which devices need backup power.
Gaming UPS runtime
When you lose power and are running on a gaming UPS, you don't have indefinite power — just enough to lengthen that crucial window to victory. And streamers have time to say goodbye to followers and safely power down. Remember, runtime varies by setup and usage.

Variables to consider.

Plugged-in devices

Plug in the essentials needed to keep you gaming. More devices connected to the battery means less runtime.

Specific game

Based on graphics, complexity, and level-design, each game will draw different levels of power.

Graphics load

Each game has graphics settings. How much gaming time you have will be based on those.

Gaming PC runtime*

Gaming Laptop
1. One monitor 275W = 27 minutes
2. Two monitors 335W = 21 minutes

Gaming PC
1. One monitor 475W = 13 minutes
2. Two monitors 535W = 11 minutes

Xbox One runtime*

Xbox One®
1. One monitor 195W = 40 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 280W = 26 minutes

Xbox One® X
1. One monitor 255W = 30 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 340W = 21 minutes

PlayStation 4 runtime*

1. One monitor 225W = 34 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 310W = 23 minutes

PS4 Pro
1. One monitor 235W = 33 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 320W = 22 minutes
Your choice of two color casings
Select the base color case that best matches your rig. The customizable LED lighting will complete your look.
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