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  • Power protection for gamers

    Introducing APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming — it’s the missing piece of your setup that you didn’t even know you needed. Stay protected, connected, and in the game — watch the video to see more.


A gaming battery backup protects your valuable gaming system from different types of power interruptions.


After safely shutting down your game, this UPS will continue to power your router and/or modem, enabling you to stay online with a mobile device.

In the game

Power out? Don’t worry. Stay in the game long enough to finish your match or control your exit so you don't get penalized.

At a glance


Reactor circle

When the gaming UPS is on battery backup power, the reactor circle ticks down so you can see how much time is left at a glance.

Always-visible 160º angle

The reactor circle was specifically designed with a 160º tilt, so it’s visible from nearly every angle.

Functional lighting

When APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming detects a power anomaly — like surges, dips, and even wiring faults — it notifies you with pulsing lights.

E-sports trusted

“The Back-UPS pro is awesome! It allows me to game during power outages for around 30 minutes and you can connect it to your internet so you can keep your game progress. It also has surge protection, so you never have to worry about shorting something in your computer.” – Alexandru Cotiga, SolidFPS TSM

Gaming UPS Awards!


The APC 1500VA Gaming UPS has a slick, gamer vibe, and it’s able to neatly mesh with most gaming PCs and consoles.” – Lifewire

Get the backup you need.

Powerful 900W/1500 VA UPS protects your vital gear. Includes ten surge-protected outlets — six with battery backup to keep you connected. Three USB ports allow you to easily charge devices.

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