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US Communities
The U.S. Communities contract allows registered agencies to purchase a wide range of products at outstanding prices. Leveraging the work of other schools, cities, counties, and state agencies nationwide eligible organizations can benefit from these savings. U.S. Communities requires no fees, spending requirements, obligation to purchase, or membership dues. APC provides products and services through the U.S. Communities contract to:

  • State Agencies
  • Counties, Boroughs and Parishes
  • Cities, Municipalities, Villages and Townships
  • Dependent and Independent Special Districts (such as water departments)
  • Public and Private Schools, including K-12, Community Colleges and Universities Non-Profit and Charitable Institutions

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Since 1993, the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) has served as the primary cooperative purchasing arm of NASPO. It encourages, fosters and guides participating members to work collaboratively in an effort to create true procurement cooperatives.  WSCA-NASPO represents a unified, nationally-focused cooperative purchasing program leveraging the collective expertise and experience of WSCA and NASPO, to aggregate the demand of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the five organized territories, and their political subdivisions and other eligible entities, and help spur innovation and competition in the marketplace.   All authorized governmental entities in any state are welcome to use WSCA-NASPO cooperative contracts with the approval of that state's State Chief Procurement Official. Cooperative purchasing benefits states as well as cities, counties, public schools, institutions of higher education and other eligible entities.

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TCPN: The Cooperative Purchasing Network
The Cooperative Purchasing Network (“TCPN”) assists Region 4 ESC in helping other public agencies and non-profits reap the benefits of national leveraged pricing, with no cost to the member. TCPN leverages one of the largest pools of purchasing potential by competitively soliciting proposals and awarding contracts for commonly purchased products and services.

  • Provides governmental and public entities opportunities for greater efficiency and economy in procuring goods and services
  • Takes advantage of state-of-the-art purchasing procedures to ensure the most competitive contracts
  • Provides competitive pricing and bulk purchasing for multiple government or public entities that yields economic benefits unobtainable by the individual entity 
  • Provides quick and efficient delivery of goods and services 
  • Equalizes purchasing power for smaller agencies that are unable to command the best contracts for themselves 
  • Helps in assisting with use of best business practices

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E & I
E&I Cooperative Purchasing is the not-for-profit buying cooperative established in 1934 by members of the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) to provide goods and services to members at the best possible value. The Cooperative is owned by its membership of nearly 3,000 colleges, universities, K-12, hospitals, medical research institutions and hospital purchasing organizations located throughout the United States.

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NJPA is a member-driven, service cooperative, public agency that serves over 35,000 members. NJPA offers a multitude of contracted products, equipment and service opportunities to education, government and other non-profit entities.   

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