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    One Size Doesn’t Fit All

    An off-the-rack solution doesn’t always fit. Make it your own solution, just the way you want it. Streamline your custom rack system today!

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Custom Racks, Cabinets, & Enclosures

For cabinets – our offer goes well beyond our standard catalog. With our assemble-to-order process thousands of configurations can be realized with little to no increase in cost or lead time. Also, our dedicated custom rack engineering and project management are also ready to co-engineer a completely new design with you!

Custom Rack Power Distribution

From a Rack PDU standpoint – simple factory modifications, now done locally, such as input cord mods, chassis color coding, and outlet configurations limit the need for field modifications. Our dedicated custom engineering and project management are also ready to co-engineer a completely new design with you!

Venture Outside the Standard Catalog

An off-the-shelf rack or PDU solution doesn’t always fit. With our customization capabilities we allow customers to truly make it their own solution, made just the way they want it. See for yourself with our catalog of customization including racks, cabinets, enclosures and Rack PDUs that have already been designed, manufactured, and deployed!

  • Rack PDUs tailored with Rack PDU Customization

    See for yourself some of the recent developments live from AFCOM Data Center World. We have custom Rack PDUs covered, from faster deployment of Rack PDUs such as cabinets arriving with Rack PDUs pre-installed, “Pre-Loading the Power”, to more complex Rack PDU input cord length changes or chassis paint changes to differentiate loads.

Rack customization gets real heavy!

The new NetShelter SX3K server rack platform has been tested and validated within the envelope of 42 to 48U x 600 to 800mm W x 1070 to 1200mm D with a dynamic rating of 3500lb (1587kg)! With a few pre-configured sizes now made available and in stock if requirements fall outside of these standard sizes APC can now customize with this platform to meet heavy customized IT deployments. Contact customracks@schneider-electric.com for more details on customizing this new platform.

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