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Deployment of Data Center Expert 7.9.x VM only allows up to 8 CPU cores.

Deployment of Data Center Expert 7.9.x only allows up to 8 CPU cores.

Product Line:
Data Center Expert

DCE potentially any version
AP94VMACT deployment on VMware ESXI

Data Center Expert VM was only built with the maximum capacity of 8 CPU cores. This was due to compatibility with ESXI version 4.

This can be edited in VMware and changed to allow more cores.

Shut the vm down.
Right click the VM in vsphere.
Go to Compatibility --> Upgrade Compatibility

You will get a warning stating that this is an irreversible operation. Hit yes.

Choose the last one in the "Compatible With" list and hit OK

You should now be able to set over 8 CPUs for the DCE 7.9.2

***Please note that if you have deployed a version and increased the number of cores, then upgraded that version to the next (not a fresh VM deployment), you will not see this issue.


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