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Does my Back-UPS have "Hot Swap" batteries?

Does my Back-UPS have "Hot Swap" batteries?

Product Line:

All Back-UPS models, with user replaceable batteries,  All Serial Numbers

Customers may wish to replace the batteries in their UPS without turning off their attached load. We call this feature "Hot Swap Batteries".

Due to the nature of the Stand-by and Line-Interactive topologies, the Back-UPS family of products allows for "Hot Swapping" of its internal battery. This means you can safely remove and replace your battery module without affecting your load. It is important to remember that during the brief time that your battery is disconnected, you will have no battery back up available should a power event occur. Because of this we advise that you never hot swap a battery when your power is unstable. If you are experiencing severe weather conditions or your UPS is frequently switching to battery/regulating voltage, we recommend you wait until conditions stabilize.

Once your battery is replaced you should allow it to charge to 100%, then run a self test through the front switch or through PowerChute Personal Edition.

Please reference the unit's user manual for the above mentioned steps.

When the self test is complete the Replace Battery Indicator should turn off.


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