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NetBotz leak event takes a long time to clear on leak rope sensor after it appears to have dried.

NetBotz leak event takes a long time to clear after leak rope sensor appears to have dried.

Product Line:
NetBotz Rack Monitors w/ Leak Rope Port

NetBotz 4xx and 5xx appliances
NetBotz Leak Rope sensor NBES0308 / NBES0309

After an alert has been triggered on a leak rope sensor, the triggering event must first be resolved before it clears. If the sensor has actually detected water, it will need to dry out completely. If the sensor has been “shorted” to test the event, it will need to be returned to the default state. Once the triggering event is cleared, there is a 30 minute software delay before the alert will clear on the NetBotz unit.


This is being looked into and the event clear time may be addressed in a future firmware revision.

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