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PowerChute Business Edition Simple Signaling with Interface Expander 2 card in Timer Mode – Master server does not shutdown


When a Type B UPS goes on battery in a Simple Signaling configuration with an Interface Expander 2 card using Timer Mode, the simple clients gracefully shut down after the configured time, but the Master server does not.


PowerChute Business Edition v9.5  and above


Simple Signaling with Interface Expander 2 card (AP9624) and Type B UPS devices


To work around this issue:

  • Option 1: Reset the DIP switch on the Interface Expander 2 card from “Timer Mode” to “Confirmed Mode” (0000) for Type B UPS devices, and configure all PowerChute clients (Master and simple) to shutdown at “After the UPS has been on battery for” in the Shutdown Settings screen. This is the same as Timer Mode, but configured in PowerChute.
  • Option 2: You can configure a command file to shut down the Master server for the “On Battery” event in the Event Configuration screen, which ensures a graceful shutdown. However, if the power outage does not last 2 minutes (Timer Mode setting on the Interface Expander 2 card), the Master server will still shut down.
NOTE: This issue is specific to Type B UPS devices only. Visit Knowledge Base article FA315835 on the APC website to find out more about UPS model types.

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