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What sensors are supported by the NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180 (NBPD0180) ?

The NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180 (NBPD0180) supports the following sensors:
Sensor NameAPC/NetBotz Part Number
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 12 ftNBES0303
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 62 inNBES0313
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Third Party Racks - 62 inNBES0312
NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Rooms or Third Part Racks - 50 ftNBES0302
APC Temperature Sensor - 13 ftAP9335T
APC Temperature & Humidity Sensor - 13 ft (Only reports temperature when connected to the NBPD0180AP9335TH
NetBotz Temperature Sensor - 32 inNBES0311
NetBotz Dry Contact Cable (Requires BotzWare 4.5.0)NBES0304

Warning: Only the sensors listed above are compatible with the NBPD0180. Other sensors will not function and will damage the device.
For more information, please see the NBPD0180 Installation Guide & NetBotz Wireless Sensor Setup Addendum below.


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