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What UPS units are officially supported by the AP9610 (Relay I/O SmartSlot Card)?


What UPS units are officially supported by the AP9610 (Relay I/O SmartSlot Card)?

Product Line
  • SmartSlot Accessories
  • Various APC UPS Models - single and three phase

  • AP9610
  • Supported UPS models listed below

The user is unsure if the AP9610 is supported in their device or AP9610 is not working properly and compatibility is not confirmed.


The following UPS lines have been officially tested with the AP9610 Relay I/O Card by APC:
  1. Smart-UPS Model Types with the following prefix:
    1. SU
    2. SUA
    3. SURT (except SURTD)
    4. SURTA
    5. SUVT/Galaxy 3500 (Must use Configuration #2 - same as Symmetra)
    6. SUM
  1. Matrix-UPS series Model Types*
  1. All single phase Symmetra Model Types including:
    1. Symmetra
    2. Symmetra RM
    3. Symmetra LX
  1. Certain three phase Symmetra PX Model Types including:
    1. 20kW Symmetra PX All-In-One
    2. 40kW Symmetra PX
    3. 80kW Symmetra PX
    4. 48kW Symmetra PX All-In-One
    5. 160kW Symmetra PX
  1. All Silcon DP300E series Model Types.

*Matrix UPSs must be running Matrix firmware revision Z for compatibility with AP9610.

Please note: The AP9610 is a UPS-Link based product and is not compatible with Microlink UPSs, such as Smart UPS models with the following prefixes: SMT, SMX, SURTD. Please see this APC knowledgebase for more information on the APC Micro-link UPS communication language.

All other Smart Slot enabled UPS models may work in conjunction with the AP9610.  However, these models have not been officially tested by APC.

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