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Short depth UPS*

The Smart-UPS Lithium-ion short depth UPS fit shallow depth, regular racks and tower mounting.

3x the life

Stop replacing Lead Acid batteries and get a UPS with batteries that last 8-10 years.

Visibility Anywhere

Built-in cloud monitoring or pre-installed network management cards for secure UPS management options.

Lithium-ion Short-Depth advantage*

Smart-UPS Lithium-ion Short Depth fits in both traditional racks and wall mount racks. Perfect for tight spaces and server closets.

What people are saying about Smart-UPS

With over 120 million APC UPS installed worldwide, find out why Smart-UPS has a 4.6 out of 5-star review. See for yourself why Smart-UPS Lithium-ion gives you the trusted protection you need at the most critical moments.

Which Smart-UPS Lithium-ion is right for you?

Connect with a customer care specialist to identify the Lithium-ion UPS that best fits your needs.
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