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Easy Racks

Easy Racks and accessories are available in a variety of sizes that allows ease of installation and scalability, even in challenging environments.

Easy Racks are suitable for server rack and network rack applications. Unique features for networking making them a smart choice for standardization across an enterprise no matter the size of the deployment.

Product Overview

Easy PDUs

The basic, metered and switched Easy rack mount PDUs series provide reliable power distribution to the equipment in the rack.

To meet the unique needs of business environments, customers can choose between real-time remote monitoring and control, power management of connected loads, on/off outlet switching, advanced power management with flexible load monitoring and configuration options.

Product Overview

Key edge applications:


Airport / railway station control rooms, automated gates, self-service booths, surveillance & security, signaling & communication


Implementation of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, robotics, digital twins, machinery operations, security and process control rooms

Buildings - offices & retails

Facility management, utilities operations, surveillance & security, retail stores operations, commercial offices IT connectivity

Financing / banking

Low data latency, customer experience, cyber security, AI and IoT implementation, surveillance & security management
View at operating room from control center


Hospitals and healthcare facilities management, Mission-critical care, security & machinery operations, IoT implementation


Public services. smart cities, energy management, efficient waste & environment care, weather & emergency services enablement

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