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    APC Smart-UPS On-Line Lithium-ion

    The Smart-UPS™ you’ve come to trust now offers 2x the battery life and up to 53% lower TCO. That’s Certainty in a Connected World.

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Save up to 53%.

With 2x the battery life, reduced maintenance costs, and quicker installation, the Smart-UPS On-Line Li-ion solution decreases TCO by up to 53%.* Ideal for your edge computing needs!
APC lithium ion

Why APC Smart-UPS On-Line Lithium-ion?

  • 2x UPS battery life:

    Li-ion UPS batteries are proven to offer double the effective lifecycle of lead-acid (VRLA) batteries. (10 years versus 3 – 6 years.)

  • Simpler, faster installation:

    Li-ion UPS batteries are 30% lighter than VRLA, making them safer, simpler, and faster to install.

  • Longer life in higher temperatures:

    Li-ion UPS batteries can operate without degradation to voltage or runtime expectations in temperatures up to 40 °C

  • Remote UPS monitoring:

    An APC Smart-UPS On-Line Li-ion using a Network Management Card, or with either APC SmartConnect** or EcoStruxure™ IT,** provides anytime, anywhere visibility to any smart device.

  • Up to 53% lower TCO:

    Increased UPS battery life, lower maintenance service costs, and fewer onsite visits combine to provide a 53% lower TCO over 10 years.

  • Extended run time:

    Add up to four additional external Li-ion UPS battery packs to increase runtime.

Is Lithium-ion UPS safe?

With Smart-UPS On-Line Li-ion, safety comes first. We know that some customers have concerns about lithium-ion, but not all Li-ion batteries are created equal.

Here’s why our Li-ion batteries are better and safer:

> We rely on best-in-class, Tier 1 Li-ion battery cell manufacturers and battery pack integrators.
> Our batteries are certified to the new UL safety requirement (UL 1973).

> Cell certification UL1642/IEC62133/EN38.8.
> Dedicated BMS monitors and controls energy flow in the battery pack.
> Overvoltage and overtemperature protection at cell level.
> Overload, short circuit protection, and thermal runaway at pack level.
> Dedicated fuse inside the battery pack.

  • Lithium-ion UPS advantage

    Looking for the right alternative to the lead-acid batteries in your UPS? Learn how the new lithium-ion batteries in Smart-UPS can:

    • Double battery life
    • Improve safety with built-in monitoring
    • Operate at higher temperatures without degradation
    • Provide simpler maintenance
      … and more.

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Lithium-ion UPS batteries versus VRLA

What are the benefits?

Lithium-ion batteries deliver higher-quality performance in a safer, longer-lasting package.

  • Improved life expectancy: 5,000 cycles versus about 500 for lead-acid, with improved resistance to discharge.
  • Higher efficiency: Li-ion batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge. VRLA batteries drop voltage faster over time.
  • Greener: Li-ion batteries are a much cleaner technology and are safer for the environment.
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*Based on previous data, 2018. This is not a guarantee of future performance or performance in your particular circumstances.
**Check availability in your country.


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