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Can the vertical cable management fingers for 600mm wide NetShelter cabinets be installed into 750mm wide NetShelter cabinets?

A customer may want to install the AR7721, AR7722 or AR7723 into a wide NetShelter SX or SV.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX and SV

All models, all serial numbers.

The Compatibility Chart shows that these cable managers are not compatible with the wide SX or SV cabinets.

They can certainly be installed into a 750mm wide cabinet.
AR7721, AR7722 and AR7723 were originally designed for the 600mm wide NetShelter SX cabinets, so in the Compatibility Chart (FA158651) they are listed as compatible with the 600mm wide cabinets only.
In the SX cabinets a better choice may be the AR7580A (42U), AR7585 (45U) or AR7588 (48U) because they offer far more capacity.
In the SV cabinets AR7721 and AR7723 are currently the only finger-style vertical cable managers available.

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NetShelter Cable Management