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“local licensing server (LLS)” capability to PCNS (& NMC).

The Local Licensing Server permits the activation of licenses for PowerChute servers without internet access. The Local Licensing Server is not required if your PowerChute server or device has an active internet connection.

Product Line:
PowerChute Network Shutdown.

This is only applicable to PowerChute Network Shutdown.
Hyperconverged and Virtualized Infrastructure (VMware ESXi, vSAN, Nutanix, HPE SimpliVity, Cisco HyperFlex, Hyper-V, Dell VxRail) protected by PowerChute Network Shutdown v5.0 or above.

Corresponding digital license
A desktop or server with internet access running Windows or Ubuntu is required to host the Licensing Server.
Java Runtime Environment version 11 is installed with JAVA_HOME and JAVA_PATH variables set.

You are required to download and install the Local Licensing Server before you can activate your licenses.
To install the LLS, you must first install JAVA on your PC and set the JAVA_HOME and JAVA_PATH variables.
Download the required LLS files and unzip the contents from (filename.zip) attached below. You can then install the LLS on a desktop or server running Windows or Ubuntu OS with internet access.

If you want more information on the Local Licensing Server installation and configuration, please refer to the LLS User Guide.

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Local-Licensing-Server-Ubuntu-1.0.0.zipLocal-Licensing-Server-Ubuntu-1.0.0.zip [85.94 MB]
Local-Licensing-Server-Ubuntu-1.0.0.zip.sha-256Local-Licensing-Server-Ubuntu-1.0.0.zip.sha-256 [66 Bytes]
Local-Licensing-Server-Windows-1.0.0.zipLocal-Licensing-Server-Windows-1.0.0.zip [86.08 MB]
Local-Licensing-Server-Windows-1.0.0.zip.sha-256Local-Licensing-Server-Windows-1.0.0.zip.sha-256 [66 Bytes]
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