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What is sine wave?
The current that powers your everyday devices goes up and down in a smooth sine wave (on the right). However, most basic battery backups generate a rougher version of that: stepped-approximated power (on the left). Our UPS offers pure sine wave output to ensure a steady supply power that's compatible with your high-performance gaming gear.

Why sine wave matters

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Longer equipment lifespan

When your equipment is powered with sine wave and automatic voltage regulation (AVR), it maximizes the life span of all connected electronics.
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Stable backup power

Sine wave powers your sensitive high-end electronics with stable sine wave power to avoid screen flickers, computer crashes, and sound interference.

Efficient and cooled

Gaming rigs powered by sine wave will run cooler and more efficiently on backup power to avoid overheating damage to your electronics.

Did you know?

In the last few years, a global chip shortage meant that PC parts, such as graphic cards, were limited in supply while prices skyrocketed. Even today, many gamers are reluctant to upgrade or replace their hardware due to inconvenience and cost.

A good Gaming UPS can help your hardware last longer and provide you with peace of mind.

(Source: Newzoo, 2023)

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Get the backup you need.
Powerful 1320W/2200VA UPS helps protect your vital gear. Battery backup and surge protected outlets keep you connected. Three USB ports allow you to easily charge devices.
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