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Discarded electronic equipment is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the industrialized world, due to the growing use of these products.  Effective collection, reuse and recycling systems ensure that this discarded equipment does not overwhelm our landfills and other waste management systems.   You can help reduce electronic wastes and protect the environment by making responsible decisions when your electronic products reach their end-of-life.  To help, APC by Schneider Electric offers environmentally sound product take back and recycling programs to our consumer and business customers in many countries around the world.

APC by Schneider Electric provides detailed End-of-Life Management Instructions (EOLI) for its products. The EOLI is available in the Sustainable Offer Status section on the products' technical specification page. The EOLI document details recommended disassembly and disposal instructions and identifies the materials. components and sub-assemblies that may require special end of life management. If you'd like to recycle your waste electronic equipment locally, the EOLI is a useful document that can assists your selected recycler to handle the donated material in a responsible way.

Contact our Support Team for details on responsible recyclers or product end-of-life management services that we may offer in this country.

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