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Why can't the Symmetra LX's Battery Module and Power Module be easily removed from the Symmetra LX frame?

There are reported cases where customers are experiencing some challenges why the power module (SYPM4KI or SYPM4KP)  and battery module (SYBT5) cannot be pulled out easily.

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Kindly do refer to the following video provided below on how to insert and remove the PM and BM.

BM (Battery Module) = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MU5xO8AJukA
PM  (Power Module)  = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW4oL7L-hoQ&t=16s

If you look at the video provided above on how to remove the PM and BM  from the frame it can be said that it is very easy and not difficult and it is probably because he has enough knowledge and has memorized the whole assembly.

Because of that video, the execution may have been too fast and each action was not explain further, so for better understanding here are the other pictures to better explain what is the reason why there is a chance that it is difficult to pull out the battery module and power module from the frame.

See image below for full descriptions (BM and PM):

Pulling out BM's
Pulling out PM 
To summarize the scenario, the open part from the bottom front of the 
battery module and power module will locked to the protruding part of the frame stated on the image above.

Solution for removing the battery module and power module:
Kindly hold the handle or upper part of the PM and BM then lift slightly
to allow the module free from protruding part to be
blocked then have it pull.

Note: Battery module weight is 18Kg/40lbs(too heavy), you need assistance or 
proper equipment to compensate the weight.

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