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License model change for AP9544 - Network Management Card for Easy UPS Online (1-Phase)

Changes happening with the v2.5 firmware

If you receive an AP9544 with a firmware version earlier than v2.5 , not all features will be enabled by default (e.g., SNMP, PowerChute, email notifications). To enable all features, you must upgrade your firmware to v2.5.
After upgrading to v2.5, the AP9544 will provide full functionality, delivering an industry-leading monitoring and management experience that is fully aligned with our NMC3 platform standards.

With the release of v2.5.x of the firmware, the AP9544 is moving from a feature-based license model to a Secure NMC System subscription model. Firmware upgrades are provided for the first 12 months with your AP9544 NMC.
After 12 months, in order to access future firmware updates, a Secure NMC System subscription is going to be required. For more detailed information on this transformation please see the in-depth FAQ .

How to obtain v2.5 of the firmware

Navigate to the software and firmware tool on apc.com
software and firmeare tool link on apc homepage
Search for “AP9544” and download the v2.5 firmware
search dynamic on SW-FW tool

How to upgrade the AP9544

The different upgrade options are detailed here -> https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA156047/
Please note, as the AP9544 is an “NMC3” card, please make sure to use the guidelines for this specific NMC generation.

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