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Video : How to troubleshoot check battery indication in BI850SINE ?

Please follow the steps suggested in the order provided.

Step 1 : Check open circuit battery voltage (also called idle voltage)

How do you do this ?

Remove the connections of the battery to the inverter.
Then Check the battery voltage using the multimeter.
The voltage should be in the range of 10.8V to 13.5V.

If it is not in this range, the battery needs to be replaced. Check for the warranty status of the battery. If within warranty, Call Schneider Customer care center. If either out of warranty or 3rd party battery , end User has to get it replaced.

if the idle voltage is within the specified range, go to next step.

Step 2 : Check th battery voltage when it is connected to the inverter.

Here too, the voltage should be within the range  10.8V and 14.6V .

If it is not in this range, the battery needs to be replaced .

If it is within range, the Unit needs to be serviced .

To do the troubleshooting easier way , also go through the below video.

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