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KVM displays blank screen when connected to HP ProLiant server


KVMXXX displays blank screen when connected to HP ProLiant server


KVMXXX units display a blank screen when connected to the rear VGA port of an HP ProLiant server. In many cases, the KVM will fully function when connected to the front VGA port, if available.

Product Line

KVMXXX model KVM's - KVM0108A, KVM0116A, KVM0216A, KVM1116P, KVM2116P, KVM2132P

All serial numbers
All firmware versions as noted


The issue is linked to an older version of server BIOS having a conflict with the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) supplied by the KVM. It could also be caused by HP's "Integrated Lights Out" feature behaving unpredicably with low voltage from a video port.


Disabling one of the VGA ports, or upgrading server BIOS to the most recent revision can resolve the issue. The next steps would be to set the BIOS setting for "embedded video connection" to "Always enable". Schneider Electric will not be able to assist with updating server BIOS - it is recommended before installing anything to a server that you speak with the server manufacturer first.

Update: Many HP G10 servers can still display a black screen even if the above changes are made. HP released a new version of their ILO firmware to address issues with KVM compatbility:


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