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    Vology and APC

    By adding power management, one managed service provider (MSP) provides Certainty in a Connected World.

  • The Need to Grow

    As a managed service provider, Vology monitors, manages and maintains more than 100,000 devices at more than 20,000 customer locations. By integrating managed power services into its offer, Vology has been able to grow its business while improving accessibility and customer satisfaction.

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  • Expand business opportunities in order to increase recurring revenue
  • Diversify an already comprehensive MSP portfolio to grow available offers to solve its clients’ most pressing challenges
  • Incorporate this new offering in a way that streamlines support and improves overall customer experience


The addition of managed power services with the industry-leading
APC Smart-UPSTM battery backup to:

  • Leverage APC’s integrations with Vology’s preferred remote-monitoring and management platform
  • Enable monitoring capabilities and proactive notifications, providing optimised uptime while avoiding disruption
  • Take advantage of enablement resources and profitability programmes through the APC Managed Services Program
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  • The ability to provide a broader array of managed services offerings to its clients
  • Increase in recurring revenue, while decreasing operational costs
  • A broader, more robust portfolio that has improved customer satisfaction and differentiation from other MSPs

Designing the Right Solution

“Working with APC, we were able to design the right solution for a national chain’s rollout of a new technology refresh. Vology is able to monitor the chain’s power devices and look for certain levels of shortage to ensure our clients are always on. Certainty for our clients is certainty in a connected world. It’s trust. It erases doubt.”

Billy Blair, Vology Account Manager

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