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Easy Rack
3D Model overview
Explore Easy Rack configuration from various angles to see how it provides high compatibility and customizable options ensuring faster deployments of edge in critical environment.
View Easy Rack 3D model here.

Easy Rack, Server Rack and Network Rack Enclosure

Designed for edge computing environments in mind

With lower height to easily fit underneath counter tops or into corner of a room this server rack enclosure has been designed for edge environments. In addition the solid roof panel keeps items placed on top of the rack from falling inside and roof and rear door have been designed to pass small amounts of cabling through along with cable management tie-off points on the frame to secure that cabling in place.

UL 2146 Certified Integrated electrical grounding

The roof, side panels and front and rear doors are grounded to the frame of the enclosure. Eight additional electrical grounding inserts are located on the frame for external grounding. These design measures meet UL 2146 guidelines.
19in mounting rack

19in Rack Mounting Compatibility Guaranteed

Vendor-neutral mounting for guaranteed compatibility. All EIA-310 standard and compliant 19” rack-mount equipment will fit in a Easy Rack.

Ships Fully Assembled

Server rack or network rack cabinet ships fully assembled, reducing the time required to install equipment. Option to have the cabinet unassembled for storage or transit in tight spaces or preferred assembly onsite.

Quick release doors with spring pin design

Front doors are easily removed and can be moved to the opposite side or interchanged with rear doors.
Schneider Electric Rack System

Schneider Electric Rack Systems Compatible

Schneider Electric’s cooling, power distribution and cable management products work seamlessly with Easy Racks to provide a complete solution. Configure rack solutions using industry leading Schneider Electric Design Portal Local Edge Configurator or InfraStruxure Designer. Verify product compatibility and use the 3rd party equipment catalog to visualize your ideal rack solution.

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