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NetBotz NBPD0165 camera image flickers.

NetBotz NBPD0165 camera image flickers.

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NetBotz Camera pod NBPD0165

Due to changes in the camera hardware and firmware, some settings have changed.
CP165v2 has different default shutter speed than v1, this causes LED flicker

The difference in functionality stems from the setting in the camera UI under the Camera page -> TV System drop down.
The old camera (FW a720191014NSQ) defaults to WDR 2 Shutter (NTSC) The new camera (FW: a720211203NX) defaults to HDR 2x shutter (max30fps)
Changing the new camera TV System type to Linear (max 30FPS) corrects the issue, though there is no similar profiles between the two camera versions to set the same on both.
Please note that the firmware is not interchangeable between these cameras.

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