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Can the NetShelter CX be disassembled to fit through a narrow doorway?

Customers need to know if the NetShelter CX can be disassembled for purpose of passing through a narrow opening.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

All versions and serial ranges.

Customers may need to get the cabinet through a narrow doorway or up a narrow staircase.

There are two versions of the NetShelter CX. The two Deconstruct Guides below are sorted by sku (part number). Please use the document that matches your sku. The sku is on a tag inside the left hand side panel, on the mounting rail.
For skus AR4018, AR4018I, AR4024, AR4024I, AR4038, AR4038I please see document: NetShelter CX Deconstruct Guide.
For skus AR4018A, AR4018IA, AR4024A, AR4024IA, AR4038A, AR4038IA, and all X-options, please see document: 20141025 NetShelter CX2 Deconstruct Guide.

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