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Why does PowerChute Network Shutdown 3.1 in advanced VMware configuration not shut down the ESXi host running vCenter Server prior to OS running PowerChute shutting down?

PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS)  issues a local OS shutdown command before the vCenter Server VM shutdown duration has elapsed. The host running vCenter Server VM is not safely shut down.

PowerChute Network Shutdown version 3.1

PCNS running on Windows OS configured to shutdown ESXi host and VMs managed by vCenter Server VM.

If the shutdown sequence is in progress for UPS's powering the ESXi hosts and then a critical event occurs on the Physical UPS powering the PowerChute agent machine, the local OS shutdown gets initiated too early e.g. before all of the hosts have shut down.

Upgrade to PCNS version 4.X

Configure a shutdown command file on the Shutdown Settings page in PowerChute with a duration longer than the vCenter Server VM shutdown duration to allow enough time for the vCenter Server VM host to be shut down properly before the local OS is shut down.

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