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Can the NetShelter CX PDU (AP9567 or AP9568) be plugged into a higher amp power source? Will it protect the fans?

A customer asks if it's safe to connect the 10A NetShelter CX PDU into a higher amperage port on a UPS or PDU. They want to make sure the fans are protected.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

All models, all serial numbers.

A customer may have a UPS or PDU that only offers ports with higher Amp ratings than that of the PDU.

Yes, the PDU can be connected into a port with a higher Amp rating.
An example of this would be that in North America it's ok to connect the NEMA 5-15P on the end of the AP9567 power cord into a NEMA 5-20R receptacle on a PDU or UPS.

APC Czech Republic

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