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What should I do when encountering an issue with the BR1100M2-LM, BR1350M2-LM and BR1500M2-LM

Schneider Electric has recently identified a non-conforming level of internal operation involving several APC Back-UPS. This non-conformance is limited to the following SKUs;
  • BR1100M2-LM – Starting Serial Number 3B1937Xxxxxx
  • BR1350M2-LM – Starting Serial Number 3B1936Xxxxxx
  • BR1500M2-LM – Starting Serial Number 3B1939Xxxxxx

Product Line:


It has recently been discovered that the BR1100M2-LM, BR1350M2-LM, & BR1500M2-LM units, during installation and upon initial operation, may fail resulting in an F02/F04 error indicator present on the LCD display. In addition to the error indicator, the user may also observe light smoke and/or a flash of light internal to the UPS enclosure. The unit will remain in this fault condition, unable to be cleared.

When the UPS is transferring to battery mode, in the first cycle of operation, insufficient circuit voltage may cause the FET to fail during the transition between states of operation.

The lower voltage of the gate driver has been corrected through a firmware design change implemented in our factories and all stock in Schneider Electric Inventory is currently undergoing this firmware design change as well.

We apologize for any and all inconvenience this may cause. Schneider Electric is continuously working to improve our products and to provide our customers with highest quality products possible.

Customers may contact their country specific Schneider Electric call center to process the necessary RMA exchange.

Distributors are asked to contact their Schneider Electric account sales manager for options to resolve this stocking issue.

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