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Easy rPDU
3D Model overview
Explore Easy rPDU from various angles to see how it provides high compatibility & customizable options to ensure rack power distribution made easy with its competitive specifications to meet your unique needs.
View Easy rPDU 3D model here

Benefits of Easy rPDU series

Cost – effective and faster deployments

APC Easy series helps customers in rapid and affordable IT deployments.

Reduced complexity and higher compatibility

Easy series provides variety of configurations and customize options to meet unique needs.
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Excellent product quality & brand reliability

Rely on APC, industry leader in integrated physical infrastructure and software.

Product features of Easy rPDU series

Innovative design

Ultra-light weight
Upto 50% weight reduction with aluminum housing

Ease of installation
Supports both toolless mounting and bracket mounting, builtin input cord for vertical PDU

User-friendly web interface
Newly designed web interface for ease of operations

Ease of maintenance
Field replaceable control modules helps in ease of maintenance

New-designed display
Smart, multifunctional and user – interactive LCD display with fully featured network management capability

Customization options:
Ability to customize and pre-configure to meet unique needs as per length of input cord, Lockable outlets, color coding, specific labels and flexible outlet layouts. For requests and more details e-mail: easycustomracks@se.com

Affordable Intelligence

Easy Basic rPDU:
More than just a power strip, helps in reliable power distribution with space-saving & availability of regional outlet socket types.

Easy Metered rPDU:
Real-time monitoring of connected loads along with user defined alarms to critical downtime

Easy Switched rPDU:
Metered functionality with switch on-off the connected power load remotely to enhance uptime

Easy Metered-by-outlet rPDU:
Individual outlet level power metering along with user resettable energy (kWh) logs for capacity planning and energy efficiency initiatives

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