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What ports are utilized by PowerChute Network Shutdown and how are they secured?

What ports are utilized by PowerChute Network Shutdown and how are they secured?

PowerChute Network Shutdown 4.x

All supported OS


PowerChute Network Shutdown utilizes
TCP port 80, 443, 3052, 6547
UDP port 3052

PCNS web interface utilizes port 3052 and 6547.
When logging in over port 3052 a user is redirected to port 6547 to utilize TLS. PCNS supports TLS 1.3 but will accept connections over TLS 1.2. TLS 1.1 and earlier are not supported except for AIX.
Users are required to provide user name and password. A strong password can be configured.
See PowerChute Network Shutdown Security Handbook for more information.

For PCNS communications to the NMC
The default port when PCNS registers with the NMC is 80 for HTTP, or 443 for HTTPS. When port 80 is utilize MD5 authentication is used. Do not change the port number within PCNS unless you changed the port being used by your NMC. Optional HTTPS ports are 5000 – 32768

When registering with the NMC PCNS will provide authentication. A user name and an authentication phrase are passed from PCNS Agent to the NMC. The default authentication phrase is admin user phrase. The authentication phrase and user name configured in PCNS Agent and the NMC must match to allow communication.

When PCNS is restarted it will communicate with the NMC using HTTP or HTTPS unless a change is made to pcnsconfig.ini. For more information on pcnsconfig.ini see FAQ FA159757 Also, if Force negotiation is selected on the NMC HTTP or HTTPS will be utilized to check PCNS settings.

The NMC communicates with PCNS over UDP port 3052. A UDP packet is sent every 25 second to ensure communication between the NMC and PCNS Agent. Also, an Individual Client Notification packet (MACONFIG packet) is sent by the NMC every 100 seconds. See Application Note 20 for more information. The UDP packets use MD5 authentication ensuring that the password is never sent in plain text.
See Application Note 20 for more information.

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