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Unlicensing a Camera from NetBotz Central Results in Deletion of Associated Surveillance Pictures
Note that only unlicensing cameras can free up Surveillance license nodes .
Data Center Expert | Migrating from a Physical Appliance to a Virtual Appliance
... your previous server already has licensing on it (beyond the base 25 device nodes and 1 surveillance node ) your will need to log ...
Data Center Expert | How do hardware and software support contracts work?
The Data Center Expert appliance and any additional device packs must be under active and complete software support in order to receive technical support and software upgrades. Software support contracts are required for the server which has a default 25 nodes (covered under base software support SKUs) as well as each additional node license. Modbus license keys and surveillance keys do not currently require support contracts.
Network Management Card (NMC) Password Reset Procedure
... , ap9340, NetBotz 200) ... than one SmartSlot accessory installed in it ... the other SmartSlot accessories to gain direct ... Please reference that accessory's User Guide on how to do that. It is also important to make sure that the accessories are installed in the correct order, referencing ... NetBotz 200/Environmental Monitoring (AP9319, ap9340, ap9320) ... NetBotz 200/Environmental Monitoring (AP9319, ap9340, ap9320) ... Hold down the Reset button for 20- 25 seconds, ensuring the Status LED is pulsing green during this time.
Video: Data Center Expert | How do I enable surveillance for NetBotz cameras?
There will be a specific license type of Surveillance Pack with a total column and a used column.

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