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    New Edge Computing Certification

    Expand your area of expertise with our new Edge Computing Certification

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    Your practice can’t afford a glitch.

    Discover IoT-enabled solutions for on-premise infrastructure for local edge computing.

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    Glitches won’t help you make the grade.

    Today’s connected classrooms need reliable data without lag.

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    When there’s a glitch, things won’t add up.

    Banking and finance can’t afford unreliable or non-secure data.

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    You can’t complete a sale with glitches.

    Retailers today need dependable data and connectivity to stay competitive.

    The cloud can be glitchy.

    • The cloud can be glitchy.

      The rise of IoT has made data access and connectivity vitally important. Cloud storage can be effective, but has major limitations — including latency, bandwidth, security, and lack of off-line access — that can affect performance.

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    Protect your data and stay connected at the edge.

    • Protect your data and stay connected at the edge.

      By storing and processing data at the network edge, and then supporting that technology with robust, secure, and intelligent infrastructure, you are able to combine the flexibility of the cloud with reliable performance and security at your remote, branch, or field office.

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    • Watch the video to learn how to improve your bandwidth, latency and regulation.
    • Healthcare

      For modern hospitals and medical practices, insufficient network access can lead to inadequate care. With local edge solutions, you’re able to share patient information between doctors, exam rooms, and facilities, quickly and securely.

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    • Rethink your infrastructure.

      Become more resilient by examining the redundancy of your physical infrastructure equipment.

    • Education

      In today’s connected classrooms, disruptions can throw lesson plans and learning off track. Local edge solutions can keep students connected to the teacher, each other, and the world.

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    • Retail

      Retailers today are leveraging technology to revolutionise the in-store experience, and thus becoming more reliant on connectivity and data. If systems lag, customers will just stay home. Here’s how you can compete with online merchants.

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    • Finance

      As more and more bank customers manage their finances remotely, data issues can end up costing far more than money. With local edge solutions, you can provide their customers an enhanced digital experience, along with improved security.

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      Don’t let your data out of your site.

      By housing your data — and the infrastructure that protects it — on-premises with our local edge solutions, you can improve the operations and performance of distributed IT environments in three key ways ...

      Standardised Deployments

      Increase your speed, reliability, effectiveness, and consistency of deployments across distributed IT with a variety of options for infrastructure.

      Remote Site Management

      Optimise your IT by simplifying, monitoring, and servicing your physical infrastructure from the edge to the enterprise.

      Secure Environments

      Maximise uptime and effectiveness by preventing mechanical and human error with secure, safe environments.

      Solutions on the Edge

      Discover ways to reduce latency, bandwidth, availability, and security issues that are common with edge computing. View our portfolio of physical infrastructure and remote monitoring solutions for distributed IT environments.

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      Hybrid IT Strategy

      Discover off-premises data centre solutions to complement your on-premises IT needs.

      Alliances & Integrations

      See how we cooperate with other IT vendors to ensure seamless integration.

      Make data glitches a thing of the past.

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