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    How is the rackmount U-space of a NetShelter cabinet or rack identified?
    NetShelter SX ... Incorrect placement of equipment can create airflow problems, like hot air recirculation .
    Do the Cisco Nexus 7700 series switches require a side airflow duct kit?
    Customers ask if the Nexus 7700 series also requires side airflow duct kits . ... NetShelter SX ... The Cisco Nexus 7000 series switches utilize side airflow and required large volumes of air to cool properly. Duct kits are used to help the switches cool efficiently and prevent hot air recirculation .
    Does APC offer a side airflow duct kit for the Cisco Nexus 7009, 7000 9-slot switch?
    Cisco Nexus 7009 requires a side airflow duct kit when installed in a NetShelter cabinet. ... NetShelter SX ... This side airflow duct kit is designed specifically to allow the Cisco Nexus 7009 to install into the NetShelter cabinet and draw the additional air required to cool properly. ... The AR7725 draws air from the front and sides and guides it into the switches' air intakes. It also helps block hot air from recirculating to the front of the cabinet.
    When finger-style vertical cable managers are used is it possible to also block off the openings in the mounting rails?
    A customer using the finger-style vertical cable managers inside a NetShelter cabinet wants to know how to block hot air from recirculating through the rails. ... NetShelter SX ... If left open hot air can recirculate through these holes. ... Without the finger-style vertical cable managers in place, ar7706 can be used in the wide NetShelter cabinets.
    Can the horizontal cable troughs ar8008blk and ar8016ablk be used in conjunction with vertical cable managers ar7580a, AR7585 and AR7588?
    NetShelter SX Wide cabinets, vertical cable management and horizontal troughs. ... All 750mm wide NetShelter SX cabinets: ar7580a, AR7585, AR7588, ar8008blk, ar8016ablk; all serial numbers. ... A customer wants to use both vertical finger-style vertical cable managers and horizontal cable troughs on the mounting rails of a 750mm wide NetShelter SX cabinet. ... Additionally, you may also use the roof brush strips AR7714 (5 per pack) to close off the holes in the cable managers and prevent hot air recirculation .
    What should be checked if the NetShelter CX internal temperature exceeds expected levels? (5*C/41*F above room temp)
    Cause: Fan issues, air recirculation , cabinet overloaded, intake/exhaust blocked, filter, wall clearance.
    Do the NetShelter SX cabinets have new roofs?
    They provide better air containment, and have larger openings in the rear to support large power connectors. Please see the attached document for illustration.
    Does the NetShelter VED Kit provide cooling?
    ... if the VED Kit provides cooling. NetShelter VED Kit ... the ceiling to recirculate back to a ... Servers and IT equipment have their own fans which force hot air to the back of the cabinet. If there is no larger AC unit drawing that hot air from the cabinet into the VED, then into the plenum, it might be advisable to incorporate an ARU (acf400, acf402) instead of a VED.
    What is the maximum kW rating for the NetShelter SV?
    NetShelter SV ... a proposal for NetShelter SV. ... we expect the NetShelter SV to be ... The NetShelter SV is not marketed as a "Datacenter" or "ISX" cabinet - specifically because we already have the SX to serve this application. ... However, without adequate air exchange there may be some hot spots. If high performance, med-high density cabinets is what the customer requires they should be evaluating the NetShelter SX and InRow, which will be the best fit solution for the application.
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