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Our power distribution and protection, physical security and cooling solutions optimise your network closet capabilities. High-strength, space-optimised racks with unobstructed airflow make installation easy and offer quick access to switches and servers with high density cable management. All equipment is 100% compatible with multi-vendor networking and server equipment.Get the stand-alone security and environmental monitoring that integrates into your existing BMS/DCIM or remote network management systems.
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Maximise your network closet

Choose the complete physical infrastructure solution that will help you maintain and increase access to in-house and cloud applications. Our Network Closet solutions make it easy to:

  • Manage your environment remotely with access to security, power, heat and humidity
  • Lower risk of data loss and maintain availability during power outages, cooling failures, security breaches and floods
  • Protect access to your IT applications remotely or locally; in the office or in the cloud
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