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On the replacement NetShelter CX fan tray, the center pin of the DC connector has a larger o.d.

Will the original power supply fit onto the DC connector on the replacement fan tray?

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NetShelter CX

All models, all serial numbers.

When comparing the replacement fan unit (0M-10446) to the original the replacement has a fan switch, and the DC power connector on the fan appears to be different.


Yes, the power supply from the original fan will fit onto the replacement fan unit. They are compatible.
Also, the fan unit was upgraded to include a booster switch. Depending on the age of the NetShelter CX the fan tray may not have the booster switch. At the low speed setting the fan operates as the original fan unit did.
The document attached below shows photos of the fan booster switch, and DC power connectors on both the older and newer fan units.

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20170630 NetShelter CX Fan Tray DC Power Connector Rev1.pdf20170630 NetShelter CX Fan Tray DC Power Connector Rev1.pdf [4.13 MB]
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