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Optional Questions:

How is this product installed?

How did you first hear about APC?

Before buying your APC product, did you do any of the following?
(Check all that apply)
Called or faxed APC to request more information Visited APC's web page but did not fill out a request for more information
Visited APC's web page and did fill out a request for more information Contacted a reseller for more information
Went to a retail outlet for more information Called a catalog for more information
Asked a PC manufacturer for advice Asked a friend/associate for advice
Visited APC at a show and filled out a form or left a business card Visited APC at a show but did not fill out a form or leave a business card
Did additional research Don’t Know/Don’t Remember
None of the above

What types of equipment are you protecting with this APC product?
(Check all that apply)
Blade server Server (Non-Blade)
Home media server Desktop PC - Stand-alone or connected to internet
Desktop PC - Connected to LAN / Home Network Laptop
Workstation Midrange system
External storage Fax machine
Printer/All-in-one printer Scanner
VoIP equipment Wired Networking equipment (e.g. router, switch)
Wireless Networking equipment Telecom equipment (e.g. PBX, KEY system)
Telephone/Dial-up Modem Broadband modem (e.g. cable, DSL, etc)
Point of sale equipment Medical/Lab equipment
Audio/Video entertainment systems Industrial equipment

If using this product with a computer or network equipment, which brand(s) of equipment do you protect?
(Check all that apply)
Acer Apple ASUS Avaya
Cisco Dell D-Link eMachines
EMC Fujitsu Siemens Gateway Hitachi
HP/Compaq IBM Lenovo Linksys
Lucent MPC (MicronPC) NEC Netgear
Network Appliance Nortel Networks Packard Bell Panasonic
Rackable Systems Samsung SNAP Appliance Sony
Sun Systemax Toshiba Non-branded
Not applicable

If using this product with a computer, which operating system is used on the computers?
(Check all that apply)
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Server 2000
Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2008 Mac OS Novell Netware
Solaris (on Sparc) Solaris (On Intel) Red Hat Enterprise Linux SuSELinux
AIX HP-UX UnixWare Other Linux
Other Unix Not applicable

If using this product with computer, what type of chip architecture do you protect with this APC product?
(Check all that apply)
AMD X86 AMD x64 Intel x86
Intel x64 Intel Itanium IBM Power Systems
Mac Sparc Power PC
Not applicable

If you purchased an APC UPS, what type of management software or device do you use?

Decision to purchase this product was based on?
(Check all that apply)
Dealer Recommendation Advertising
Past Use of APC Product Relative/Friend/Co-worker
PC Manufacturer Price
Product features/Specifications Review/Editorial
Company/Dept. standard Product Warranty
Equipment Protection Policy Company Reputation
Product Availability Web Seminar
Tradeshow/Event/Live Seminar

Which of the following features were important to you when choosing this APC product?
(Check the three most important)
Appearance Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
Battery backup runtime Data recovery services
LCD display LED indicators
Number of outlets Switchable outlets
Sine wave Output Power Capacity/VA/Watt rating
Price Redundant design
Reliability Form Factor/Size/Weight
Topology USB connectivity
Serial connectivity SmartSlot/Accessory Slot
SNMP capable Software for UPS Mangement
Software for unattended OS/Application shutdown Software for Energy Management
Other Software features Power line surge protection
Data line surge protection User-replaceable batteries
Energy Efficiency Power-Saving/Energy Management
Noise Filtering No Specific Features

Where will this APC product be used?

How many employees are at your company?

From what type of store did you purchase this APC product?

Was this product purchased and installed as part of the original system?

Which best describes your company's primary activity at this location?

Which of the following best describes the position of the person who decided to purchase this product?

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