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Why am I not able to establish communication with external batteries and my surt15k/20k UPS?
Disconnect all external battery packs - Wait at least 2 minutes Connect first battery pack - Wait at least 2 minutes
Video: Measuring Voltage on SYBATT, SYBT2, SYBT3 and SYBT5 Symmetra Battery Modules
To measure the battery voltage of the Symmetra 2-6kva RM battery modules, SYBT2, the battery first needs to be removed.
Matrix-UPS run time theory
When a fully charged battery begins to discharge (with a good size load) initially its voltage drops off rapidly.
PowerChute Network Shutdown continually shuts down the ESXi host following On Battery Shutdown and UPS turn off when A/C power has been restored in Advanced UPS Configuration.
... the ESXi hosts from being continually shut down, re- start the PowerChute Network Shutdown service using the Windows Services console.
Why won't my Lithium-Ion Smart-UPS start when the battery is first connected when there is no utility power to the unit?
Issue: When you first connect the battery there is a delay before the unit can start on battery with no utility power present.
Will my Smart-UPS RT UPS turn on without batteries?
rt, doa, smart-ups, battery , bad battery , battery soft start , "RT won't turn on", " ...
Adding External Batteries to an SU, SUM, SURT, SURTA, SURTD or SUA series Smart-UPS XL
... are able to set your unit to ""0"", the first external battery would be ""1"".
Video: How do I adjust Battery Test settings ​on my Symmetra PX 250-500 UPS
Tap Start to begin the battery runtime calibration or self test. You can tap Cancel to stop the calibration.
Why are the battery charge LEDs flashing on a Smart-UPS?
... with a low battery signal warning time set at ... the UPS will run on battery for 20 minutes before the low battery alert begins .
Video: How to Select the Correct Replacement Battery Cartridge (RBC) for your UPS
Issue: The UPS indicates battery replacement is required or is providing insufficient runtime compared to when the UPS was first put into service .

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