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What size wrench is needed to remove the NetShelter pallet bracket?
Resolution: NetShelter SX , SV and VX pallet brackets require a 13 mm wrench.
Is there an offset baying bracket or some way to bay cabinets of different depths?
... , but acdc2550 can be used to make a 1070 mm deep NetShelter SX cabinet be flush with a 1200 mm deep SX cabinet.
Is there a baying kit or bracket to connect a NetShelter SX to a VX?
Issue: Customer has SX and VX cabinets installed side by side.
Can split doors be installed on the front of a NetShelter SX, VX or SV cabinet?
Cause: A customer may want to install split doors onto the front of a NetShelter SX cabinet.
How to loosen the leveling feet of a NetShelter SX cabinet.
The bottom of each foot, just above the pad, has a 13 mm hex head that can also be used to lower the ...
Are baying brackets available for NetShelter SX to VX?
There are no baying brackets to connect a NetShelter SX cabinet to a NetShelter VX cabinet.
acdc1010 Hot Aisle Containment Rack Expansion Bundle Kit Installation (Manual)
When joining a NetShelter VS (900- mm ) to a NetShelter VX (1070- mm ) enclosure, use rear joining brackets ...

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