Contact Information

For additional assistance or if the below resources do not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us. The Customer Care Center will be able to work with you to find a tailored solution to your particular problem or concern.
APC Corporate Headquarters
Address 132 Fairgrounds Road
W. Kingston , RI 02892
Business Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST
Contact Description Web/E-mail Phone
Technical Support You own an APC product and you need technical assistance. Please ensure you have model and serial number available. Technical Support 800-555-2725
Sales Support You are interested in purchasing APC products. Sales Support 877-272-2722
Service Sales Support You own an APC product and would like to buy services for it. Service Selector 800-555-7927
Battery Sales If you need to replace the battery on your UPS. Customer Service Request 800-300-7141
Customer Service For all other non-technical inquiries, such as price and availability, order status or tracking. Customer Service Request 877-800-4272
Recycling Option You are interested in options APC offers to recycle products Recycling Options NA
Corporate Headquarters You need general information or directions to APC's corporate headquarters. Address & Directions 800-788-2208
Investor Relations You need APC financial information. 800-788-2208 ext. 2994
Government Team You need APC Govt. information. 800-788-5414
Reseller Team You need information about APC's Certified Reseller Program or are inquiring about APC's Reseller Locator Tool. Online Reseller Support 800-771-1272
Advertising You are interested in selling advertising to APC. 800-890-4272 ext. 5489
Event You are interested in contacting our Event Staff about your event. N/A
APC Magazines You are interested in contacting our APC Currents Magazine Staff. N/A
List Management You are interested in updating your contact information and/or subscriptions. N/A
Editors You are interested in contacting our Public Relations Staff. N/A
Website Feedback You have comments, suggestions, or feedback relating to our website Website Feedback Form N/A
APC Commerce You have purchased an APC product through our website and you would like to check the order status and/or tracking. 800-800-4272