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APC Showcase Makes it Easy to Keep Your Website Up-to-Date

What Is APC Showcase?
It is a FREE web content syndication platform designed to reduce the time andresources needed to maintain new and updated APC solution information on yourcompany’s website. The components automatically update to provide timely,compelling, and rich web content. With APC Showcase, you can reinforce yourexpertise, and the power of APC solutions, in an instant.

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Why Should I Use It?
From the APC Showcase Console you can find step-by-step instructions for placingthe syndicated content on your website. Also available are customer visit statisticsand metrics recorded from the APC Showcase section of your site. And, you’ll haveaccess to tools for monitoring and managing any sales leads gathered from site visitors.

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Will My Site Look the Same?
Yes; the code for APC Showcase simply creates a miniature website that onlydisplays content relevant to the APC products you sell. This “microsite” is placedwithin your website and framed by your existing header, footer, and navigation.

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How Do I Get Started?
It’s easy — just register for an account! Once you submit your information and ithas been confirmed by APC and SharedVue, you'll receive an email with logininformation for your Partner Console. Then you simply login to begin syndicatingAPC Solution Showcase content.

Still Have Questions?
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