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Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
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What should the temperature be inside a NetShelter CX cabinet?
Customers need to make sure that the NetShelter CX is not running too hot. ... NetShelter CX ... As long as the power guidelines are followed the internal temperature should be no more than 5 deg C (41*F) over room temperature. Avoid clustering heat generating devices such as servers , dense RAID arrays and large VoIP switches in one part of the rack.
In the NetShelter CX Enclosure Brochure the number of outlets per cabinet does not match the number of ports on the PDU, why?
Issue: The NetShelter CX Enclosure Brochure shows the number of outlets and it does not match the number of ports on the PDUs.
Is the PDU removable that's included inside the NetShelter CX ar4000mv?
Issue: A customer wants to replace the PDU in a NetShelter CX Mini .
Can the NetShelter CX be deployed in any room or space?
Issue: Where can the NetShelter CX be deployed?
What is the Thermal Capacity of the NetShelter CX Mini and CX2?
Issue: Define the thermal capacity of the NetShelter CX .
What is the rackmount depth within the NetShelter CX or CX Mini?
Issue: Customers need to know how deep the rails of the NetShelter CX are.
Does the NetShelter CX Mini have a spare PDU? If not, is there a spec sheet for the PDU?
Issue: A customer is looking for a replacement PDU for the NetShelter CX .

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